How do I?

  • Estimate how many sysadmins my site needs? A hard question answered by Mark Verber in an article on the subject for Unix Review in 1991.
  • Set up modems and terminals? See Stokely Consulting's SunOS 4 guide or the Solaris 2.x guide.


Sysadmin courses on the web

Tools for System Configuration

  • CFEngine
  • Master



  • Korn's U/WIN
    A set of libraries and utilities allowing UNIX commands to run on top of the Win 32 subsystem on NT and Windows 95.
  • Interix (formerly OpenNT)
    A replacement for Microsoft's POSIX subsystem allowing true integration between UNIX commands and Windows NT. Now supports Berkeley sockets from within the system allowing NT to run an X server.
    Designed as a porting environment allowing migration of UNIX programs to the NT environment, the product contains the MKS Toolkit of UNIX/POSIX commands.
  • MKS Toolkit
    MKS have many UNIX/POSIX tools running on various Wintel platforms.
  • The Cygwin Project
    The Cygwin group at Cygnus have ported many GNU tools into the Win32 environment.

UNIX/NT integration

  • NTrigue
    Uses multi-user extensions to NT to permit access to Windows applications onto every type of desktop machine in an environment.
  • WinDD
    Multi-user NT based system with a central server permitting access from Windows and X-based UNIX workstations.
    A site focusing on UNIX and NT integration issues, sponsored by UNIX Review and NT Systems.


    A free implementation of the SMB protocol and a Netbios nameserver makes your UNIX file systems and printers accessible as shares to NT and Win 95 platforms.
  • VisionFS
    From SCO, an SMB server running on SCO Open Server 5.x, SCO UnixWare 2.x, SunSoft Solaris 2.x, and Hewlett Packard UX 9.x.
  • rumba
    A client running in UNIX user space allows UNIX to mount Windows file systems using the SMB protocol.

Useful sites


  • NTBugtraq
    Windows NT BugTraq Mailing List
  • NT Security FAQ
    Nuff said.
    Enterprise Audit Policy and Event Log Management and Reporting for Windows NT®
  • Somarsoft
    Produces useful NT utilities, the site has many NT security links.
  • NT Research
    The site contains several Windows NT White papers.
  • NT Shop
    Bills itself as 'the place on the Net to find NT Security news'.


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