ASANI Solutions, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company, was founded in 1999 to provide a full range of IT Infrastructure support services including Systems Administration, Networking and System Integration, Internet Services, IT Security, Web and Database Development, Technical Support, Training, and Corporate Consulting to Bay Area Companies. Starting with its two principal founders, Costandi Wahhab and Oleg Mitine, the company has grown to over 20 employees since 1999. Revenue growth has followed a similar pattern.

ASANI tailors its quality service to meet the unique needs of each of its clients. The team has earned an excellent reputation through the efforts of our highly skilled and professional staff, who understands the importance of providing clients with quality service and proactively work together as a team. It is our goal to deliver reliable and efficient technical services that meet and exceed the customers’ expectations. ASANI's engineers and support personnel are capable of providing a wide range of computer-related services to large and small businesses, as well as to government institutions.

The technical staff excels in all aspects of network, systems administration and client-server technologies. Experience covers a wide range of computer platforms, networking equipment, numerous advanced scientific applications, database administration, and Web development.

ASANI Management ensures that the most qualified people will be involved in the support, implementation, and day-to-day activities of our clients’ projects.

ASANI is a member of the Better Business Bureau and California Chamber of Commerce.


Costandi Wahhab
Costandi Wahhab is the co-founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of ASANI. He leads strategic and technical operations, oversees business growth, proposals and secures Federal contracts for ASANI. Prior to ASANI, Costandi gained 10 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer in the area of magnetic data storage systems at both Pylon Inc. and Dysan Corp. in Santa Clara, California. Costandi has over 20 years of experience in executive management and over 30 years of experience in network infrastructure design, systems integration, and IT security at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University.

Oleg Mitine
Oleg Mitine is the co-founder, Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer of ASANI. He is responsible for day-to-day strategic technical leadership, financial planning and reporting for ASANI. Prior to ASANI, Oleg was a founder of CompuMinds Consulting Company and gained over 5 years of experience as a system administrator at Ford Motor Co. in Detroit, Michigan. Oleg has over 20 years of experience in executive financial management and over 25 years of experience in Unix systems administration, Web development, IT infrastructure, and security at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. Oleg holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Wayne State University and a Bachelor of Science in Radio Physics and Electronics from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine.

The combined experience of the ASANI Staff:

  • Cyber Security Plan developments and implementations throughout systems' life cycle
  • Network and computer systems infrastructure design, deployments, and maintenance
  • Hardware and Software initial installation, upgrade, integration, and maintenance across a state of the art heterogeneous scientific R&D environment
  • Developments of advanced tools to enhance computer resource management, system patch deployments, and continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure components
  • Systems and network integration, security coordination and implementation of framework within the customer's requirements and constraints
  • Day-to-day user support and training activities

ASANI team gained a substantial amount of this experience through decades of service at NASA via CSRDS, ISRDS, and PESS contract work at the Intelligent Systems Division, which provides leadership in Information Sciences for NASA, and Engineering Directorate -- the principal engineering organization for aerospace systems and spaceflight projects at Ames Research Center.

ASANI staff has contributed to the success of Intelligent Systems Division and Ames Engineering Directorate missions by providing support and management of project specific systems that included:

  • Aviation Surface Technologies Group
    Surface Movement Advisor (SMA/SMS)
    NASA Future Flight Central (SDTF/NFFC)
    Aviation Safety Program (AVSP/AEN)
  • Variation Design Group (DARWIN/DreAM)
  • Intelligent Systems Division Projects Support
    Autonomous Systems and Robotics
    Collaborative & Assistant Systems
    Robust Software Engineering
    Discovery and Systems Health
  • Ames Engineering Directorate Support
    Mission Design Division
    Engineering Systems Division

The company and staff have been recognized for excellent performance under CSRDS, A-CITS, ISRDS, and PESS contracts by numerous NASA/AMES Group Achievement and Contractor Council Awards. The team also received the NASA/SBA Small Business Industry Award Subcontractor of the Year in 2010 and NASA/AMES Small Business Industry Award Subcontractor of the Year in 2022.

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