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We are an employee-oriented professional services company that believes in achieving goals through teamwork. ASANI tailors its quality service to meet the unique needs of each of its clients. The team has earned an excellent reputation through the efforts of our highly skilled and professional staff who understands the importance of providing clients with quality service. It is our mission to deliver reliable and efficient technical services that meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.

The Essential Characteristics of ASANI

EXPERTISE - ASANI has decades of experience in providing quality IT services to organizations in both the private and public sectors.

COMMITMENT - We have built our company on two basic principles: (1) the professional quality of our staff, and (2) our absolute commitment to serving our clients. It is our philosophy that we can reach our corporate goals by ensuring that our clients meet their project objectives.

QUALITY - We take pride in our ability to assign the right staff member to a particular project to ensure its successful completion. Our staff consists of full-time, salaried employees with established career objectives. Every team member receives full benefits, including a respectable 401K retirement package. Having a dedicated team provides our clients with professional consultants who identify with our corporate philosophy of exceeding our clients’ expectations. ASANI Management devotes ample time to address the professional needs and personal commitments of our employees, enabling them to execute tasks at the highest standard. In addition, we continuously strive through our quality initiatives to improve the level of our processes and services.

FLEXIBILITY - ASANI is a small-sized consulting firm that has the flexibility to work within the framework of our clients' needs. We assure each client that we will proactively and effectively work within their defined parameters.

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